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Haidara Foundation for Peace and Human Development is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, headquartered in Sana’a, licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor with License No. (24M-2017), and it has started its work and activities since the first day of its establishment in accordance with its development goals and humanitarian principles that were developed to meet the development, relief, educational, training and rehabilitation needs of members of the community without discrimination.

Our Vision

Relief and sustainable development.

Our Message

Contribute to effective relief and adopt projects that ensure sustainability in accordance with an institutional vision and a stimulating environment.

Our Goals

– Strengthening cooperation and partnership with international organizations to serve the community.

– Contribute to relief and development work and reduce poverty.

– Spreading health and social awareness, and promoting the spirit of social solidarity.

– Contribute to supporting education, capacity development, empowering women and developing their skills.

– Contribute to the adoption and encouragement of environmental sanitation and sustainable development projects.

– Providing assistance to orphans, displaced people, the elderly and people with special needs.

Areas of Work

– Training and qualification.

– Social field.

– Relief and shelter.

– Health field.

– Educational field.