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Training and Qualification

Building the capacities and skills of young people, especially poor families, as well as training civil society institutions and organizations to manage development projects, one of the most important courses of action focused on by the Haidara Foundation for Peace and Human Development with the aim of helping the beneficiaries create sustainable projects that enable them to rise and prosper and help them provide adequate income to achieve stability in living under difficult conditions created by the war and conditions that Yemen is going through.

In this axis, the Foundation sought to raise the educational and professional level of women and empower them economically, and es- tablished for this purpose.

An integrated training workshop that contains all the technical equipment necessary to provide the trainees with the basics of sewing (tailoring) and creativity in the production of various types of clothes, in addition to attracting a number of trainees to work in the work- shop permanently to produce Eid clothes and school uniforms that the Foundation distributes to children of poor and displaced families as part of its annual charitable projects.

For the same goal, the Foundation established a special kitchen for training production of sweets, pastries and various foods, as well as marketing and sale of products, as one of the income-generating professions suitable for women’s work, in the belief of the Foundation that empowerment is one of the most important requirements for development.

The number of beneficiaries of the Foundation>s training activities reached more than 132 individuals, the majority of whom are women. With the knowledge gained by the trainees, they are now able to choose the right businesses and projects for them to start working and producing.