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Since its first launch in charitable and humanitarian work in the year 2017, the Haidara Foundation for Peace and Human Development has given the health and awareness aspect special importance and allocated sufficient space for this aspect of activities and projects, in an effort to decrease the suffer of Yemenis and protect them as much as possible from the risks of epidemics and diseases since the year 2015 in its outbreak, the most dangerous of which was the cholera epidemic and then the Covid 19 pandemic.

Those projects and activities included a lot of health awareness campaigns through various educational means, field visits, distribution of health bags and means of protection and disease prevention.

And because drinking water is one of the most important causes of cholera at a time when the majority of Yemenis are facing difficulty in obtaining clean water, the Foundation implemented a water irrigation project to reduce the spread of cholera by distributing water tanks in a number of residential communities and camps for the displaced and ensuring access to healthy and clean water, in addition to participate in the cleanliness campaigns of the capital, Sana›a, bringing the number of beneficiaries of the Foundation>s projects and activities in the health field to more than 17,000.