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Shelter & Relief

Relief and shelter activities and projects are the top objectives of public civil society organizations and institutions in the humanitarian field, with the Haidara Foundation for Peace and Human Development at the fore, which made these activities the second goal of the Foundation a sense of responsibility towards thousands of poor, displaced families and the most affected by the ongoing conflict in basic needs for food, shelter and basic services. Yemen, which has caused the majority of Yemenis to lose their salaries and sources of income and make them unable to provide their

The relief and humanitarian activities and projects implemented by the Foundation amounted to 11 projects that benefited more than 12,865 families, which included the distribution of dates and food baskets to poor, displaced families and the most needy, and the es- tablishment of a charity bakery in the capital’s secretariat through three phases to provide bread for a large segment of the poor and needy, and finally the project to shelter the affected families. As a result of the torrential rains in Bajel district, Hodeidah governorate which is considered the first and only of its kind in Yemen. This exceptional project consists in building 100 houses to accommodate tens of displaced families in Bajil district due to the torrential rains, and a service to provide the basic needs of water, health, sanitation and others, 30 units were completed during 2021, with the next phases to be completed during 2022.